Using the author’s life experiences as a resource, this self-improvement book discusses overcoming challenges by using the power of positive thinking.

Life can be a mystery and we can feel lost without guidance. No one has ever written a guidebook to life and how we are intended to live it and carry out our daily lives. However, Mr. McLemore has now provided lessons on living that can be used as a guide. Mr. McLemore’s teachings and style of writing make one feel as though there are ways, we as humans can all live by and abide to. A truly excellent read for all.

Michael Block, RN, BSN

I love this book! Another great read by this author! The conversation is authentic, it’s fierce, honest, demanding and direct. If you’ve never had a life coach or instructor, this book may be just it. McLemore is tough, demanding personal honesty and accountability. If you read this book and follow through, the principles set forth here have the significant potential to make a profound positive difference in your life and relationships, most importantly with your SELF at any age! A must read!

—Vicky Rush, High Point, NC


“This book belongs in every Middle School and High School Library in America”.

Mike Mayock, Sr.
Villanova Football Captain, 1954. Drafted by Pittsburgh Steelers
34-year High School Football Coach in Pennsylvania
Father of 5 Sons in the Haverford School Hall of Fame
Father to Mike Mayock, Jr. General Manager of NFL Oakland Raiders.